Orchard Pathways

Detail from Orchard Pathways, 2021 (42″ x 61.5″”)
Cotton fabric, machine pieced, hand quilted
Sharon Carrier

Come run with me on rutted dirt roads past farmhouse, barn, and zigzag fence.

Turn with me down winding trails through flowering fields and grasses green.

Walk with me on orchard pathways with saplings arranged in neat, hopeful rows.

Smell the dark earth where infant seeds sleep, wistfully dreaming about blue skies.

Taste the river, its clear water flowing, separating seeds and sending roots down.

Feel the waves of heat that beckon tender shoots to rise and tendrils to climb.

Smell the petals of blooming flowers, their sweet fragrance adrift in dusk’s amber light.

Feel the winds that one day will rush past grandiose trees with limbs stretching wide.

Stroll with me on pathways and trails and familiar dirt roads that lead us back home.

(All photographs in this post are mine. Please do not use them without my permission.)

Published by Sharon Carrier

Artist - reflecting the world around me through creative textile expression

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