Creativity and Connection

Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Sharon, and I am excited to share with you a little about life on the Outer Banks, NC, and how I spend most of my time: creating quilts.

Designing my own quilts takes me back to my childhood. One of my earliest memories involved covering my parents’ bedroom wall with a gigantic spiderweb drawn in green crayon. I was so proud of my masterpiece that I added my name, multiple times. When my mother discovered what I had been up to in the back of the house, she wasn’t angry or didn’t show it. She asked about my drawing, and I beamed while explaining it to her. Creativity was prized in our home.

In this blog, I’ll share what inspires me and my quilting. I’ll also share the challenges. Mostly, I hope to connect with others and to provide a platform to discuss creativity. What are the intellectual and emotional quotients we bring to the creative process? What can we learn from each other? I am eager to find out!

Published by Sharon Carrier

Artist - reflecting the world around me through creative textile expression

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